Crafting Blanks

Wood Board
Wood Board

We aim is to supply small business owners and crafters who are resellers with a continuous supply of craft and sublimation blanks so that they can personalise them for their customers.

Regardless of how big or small your business is we are here to help you source the products you need at an affordable price .

If you are a business owner or crafter and trader who sells personalised items, we can supply you with quality blanks at a discounted rate provided you are taking a MOQ of 10 items of a particular type,

Our blanks include, wooden blanks, acrylics, hardware and tassles, shadow boxes as well as custom made and designed items. Our bags and books pens tumblers are all available on request,

Check out our range of corporate blanks available at and drop us  a mail and we will order your items ready for your collection or courier.

Be sure to check out the Ortur Page and our range of Crafters and DIY desktop laser cutters and engravers, perfect for expanding your small or medium business enterprise.


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