What do we offer?

Personalised T-shirts for everyone.

A wide range of styles and designs for work or play.

Custom Engraving & Cutting

This is the most fun for any laser creator, being able to create new and artistic things for our clients. With our Perfect Laser we are able to cut and engrave such a broad range of materials, that sometimes it’s hard to name every last thing! From laser cut leather to make fashion or jewellery, to laser engraved logos onto stainless steel gifting items, we can do so much. If you have an idea in your mind and want to see it fulfilled, please give us a ring – we would love to help!

Some of the items we can engrave are stainless steel watch backs, leather bands, phone/tablet/laptop cases, wallets, chopping boards, knives, coasters, keyrings, notebooks, photo frames, candle holders and much more.


We can laser cut and engrave a vast range of materials – the list goes on and on. To name a few, we can engrave:

                        • Acrylic

                        • Timber

                        • Stainless Steel

                        • Brass

                        • Aluminium

                        • Stone and Marble

                        • Rowmark Engravables & Cardboard

                        • Ceramic

                        • Glass

                        • Crystal

                        • Paper

Our 100 w Perfect Laser has the capabilities to laser cut any thickness acrylic up to 10mm, up to 4 – 6mm in plywood and up to 8mm thick in MDF.

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